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SILENCER'S squeeze chutes feature outstanding designs and quality construction that helps get the work done faster and better, with less animal and operator stress.SILENCER'S patented Head and Taildoors both open fully - top to bottom - for the industry's most advantageous cattle flow in and out of the chute. When the animal approaches the chute, SILENCER'S full opening taildoor reduces hesitation to enter the chute.

Description and Photos of
squeeze chutes
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Extremely Well Built With Heavy Gauge Materials

Manual Headgate

"Pos-O-Lock" Ratchet system ensures that cattle are caught safely and can't escape.

The opening handle runs parallel to the chute, out of the operators way. The handle swings from behind the animal encouraging cattle to move ahead.

Right or left setup, grease points, rounded egdes.

Shown with retractable Nek-Stender® neck bars
Self-Catch Headgate

Fully adjustable, designed for animals 400 lbs. and up. Set up for right or left hand operation.

Shown with Nek-Stender® neck bars

The safe way to hold animal's head's and neck's stable for dehorning, tattooing, ear tagging, bleeding, mouthing, or any other need without chocking.

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