Vertical feed mixers by Schuler.

TMR Mixers - Vertical Feed Mixers

The best quality mobile feed mixers for cattle feed rations with unprocessed forage bales, silage, haylage, grains and commodities. Our concept for TMR mixers involves vertical auger(s) with cutting knives bolted to the auger(s). We specialize in the larger models by Schuler, the 700 cubic feet TMR mixer and the 750 cubic feet capacity multiple auger design.

Vertical Mixer Resources

Residue Avoidance (Iowa State) - Scroll down to vertical mixer section. Mixing Procedures (Alabama Coop Extension) - Fairly basic stuff.  
Testing Mixer Performance (Kansas State) - TMR mixer Mixing Tips - (Ohio State) - Applicable to both cattle and swine.  
Avoid Calibration Problems (Ontario Ag Ministry) - Applicable to both cattle and swine. Management of TMR Feeding Programs (University of Minnesota) Getting the correct amount and balance of nutrients to cows at the proper time  

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