Tub Grinders by ROTO GRIND
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Tub Grinders for Hay and Straw

The PTO-driven ROTO GRIND tub grinder is a low cost screenless hammer mill that is a perfect fit for quickly and effectively grinding huge amounts of hay. They're rugged, dependable, and mobile. Fitted with a flare kit (makes the opening 11 feet) bring in your biggest loader and the high output and ease of grinding will amaze you.

Roto Grind Hay Grinder

Call (559) 862 1174 to arrange a free demonstration. If you get our voicemail, please let us know four things:
1. Your phone number,
2. What you want to grind,
3. How many tons a day you want to grind, and
4. The horsepower of your tractor.
We can tell you right away if Roto Grind is suitable for your operation.

Cost: normally well under $23,000 new, including our free demonstration and delivery of a Roto Grind 760. If you have a tractor PTO, the ability to load the hay into the tub (and possibly a water source for dust control), we can have your operation running in an hour. Compare that cost and setup time to any other hay grinding operation!!

Call (559) 862 1174

Pro's and Con's of the Roto Grind Hay Grinding Solution

-Costs as little as 1/10th of other solutions.
-Very mobile and quick to start operating.
- No screens to clog.
- Add a flare kit and use up to a 10 foot wide loader for a massive output.
- Uncomplicated design.
- Grind square or round bales.

-Cannot achieve fine (such as 1/4 inch) grind output size.
-Dust reduction methods work, but are not very sophisticated.

Problems and solutions from our most recent customers:

Problem: I'm wearing out my mixer cutting up rough hay.
Solution: Preprocess the hay bales in a Roto Grind 760. Another happy customer.

Problem: My older mixer basically won't cut the hay I need to feed.
Solution: Preprocess the hay bales in a Roto Grind 760. Another happy customer.

Problem: I chop a lot of moist hay and my screen type grinder clogs up.
Solution: Roto Grind 760, wet or dry doesn't matter. Another happy customer.

Problem: My vertical mixer simply takes too long to make a batch of feed when I use rough hay..
Solution: Preprocess the bales in a Roto Grind 760. Another happy customer.

Problem: I run a hay cubing operation and I need to regrind a mixture of fines and broken cubes before placing the waste back in the cuber.
Solution: Roto Grind 760. Another happy customer. See photo above.

Problem: I run a dairy and need to grind tons of straw and lower quality hay.
Solution: Roto Grind 760. Another happy customer.

Problem: I run a calf ranch for dairy calves. I feed good alfalfa but wanted to save money on feed and achieve a better blend by chopping the alfalfa prior to mixing.
Solution: Roto Grind 760. Another happy customer.

Used Tub Grinders

We also deal in used tub grinders. Call us!

Tub Grinder Information Sheet

Roto Grind uses hardened steel hammers and adjustable shear plates to break materials down by hammer mill instead of expensive screens. No clogged or blown-out screens to service or replace. Roto Grind's reliable tub rotation governing system adjusts for variations in material density and feed rate. Water can be sprayed into the mill area to control dust.

The uncomplicated rugged design makes Roto-Grind dependable, it's ready to work when you are. Down time is minimal and normal service is limited to normal greasing, and occasionally rotating the hammers (or hard face the hammer tips which on Roto Grind can be done with the hammers in place).

Roto-Grind uses your 80 to 200+ H.P. tractor PTO at 1000 RPM, and regular tractor hydraulics. It's easy to move with your tractor's draw bar or even on the highway attached to your pickup hitch. Some rare applications require 540 RPM.

Stationary self-powered models, either electric or diesel, are available for applications that don't require mobility.

The tub is large enough (9 feet wide at the top of the tub or 11 feet wide with a flare kit) to handle round or big square bales. A lower profile tub is also available. The flare kit is needed if you have a very wide loader.

If you have never used a tub grinder and seen it get into the work, you owe it to yourself to see a demonstration. Even if you intend to use it as a simple chipper shredder or to replace wood chippers, our tubs are tops.

Why grind? Give me some examples.

No. 1 Alfalfa
Even expensive, quality feeds can be improved by grinding, and can extend the service life of the augers and chains on your feed wagon. Properly ground hay has better acceptance and digestibility, and that means more milk or beef for your feed dollar!

Wet Hay
Once it's wet the clock is ticking, the longer it sits the worse it gets. Grind that wet hay and improve the palatability so your stock can turn that "wreck" into dollars.

Carrots can be ground and mixed with other forage to make a custom ration. Using seasonally available alternative feeds to augment your ration can be economical with good palatability and acceptance.

Wood Chips
Turn orchard waste into a profitable second crop! Wood chips for mulch or sale to power co-generation plants can save the expense of disposal or even generate a profit when the costs of conversion are as low as Roto-Grind can help them be.

For more information call, write, or email:
Jared Holve
40,000 Bear Creek Rd.
Springville CA 93265
(559) 359 0386